The Last of Us 2 New Game + Guide

Does The Last of Us 2 have New Game +? If you’ve already finished Naughty Dog’s survival horror opus or you’re closing in on the final credits (See Also: The Last of Us 2: How Long Does It Take to Beat?), you may be wondering if you’ll be able to start the campaign over again and bring all of your progress with you. As part of our The Last of Us 2 guide, we’re going to detail the sequel’s New Game + functionality.

The Last of Us 2: Does It Have New Game +?

Yes, you can start New Game + as soon as you’ve completed The Last of Us 2’s campaign. You’ll see the option at the top of the main menu. You’ll also be able to select from several, retuned difficulty options. For example, Normal + is more challenging than the standard Normal setting as you’ll have access to upgraded weapons from your first playthrough. Select a difficulty that feels comfortable for you, or refer to our separate guide: The Last of Us 2: What Difficulty Should You Select?

The Last of Us 2: What Carries Across to New Game +?

If you’re starting a New Game + campaign, all of your weapons and upgrades will carry across. This includes any Training Manuals (See Also: The Last of Us 2: How to Find All Training Manuals and Learn All Player Upgrades) and player upgrades, as well as the weapon upgrades (See Also: The Last of Us 2: All Weapon Locations and Upgrades) you’ve unlocked at Workbenches (See Also: The Last of Us 2: All Workbench Locations). Any collectibles you’ve found will also be referenced in the Chapter Select screen, but you will have to pick them up again if you want to view them from Ellie or Abby’s backpack.

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