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The Flat is the third chapter in Stray, where you'll meet your companion, B-12. Following on from Dead City, it's a short chapter, but an important one for the main story of the game. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of The Flat, explaining how to get through the chapter and highlighting any collectibles. For more information, see our guide: Stray: All Collectibles Locations.

Stray: The Flat Walkthrough

Here's our full Stray The Flat walkthrough.

The chapter starts when you arrive in the titular apartment. Head through the bead curtain. Ahead of you is a screen that says "Need help". Jump onto the keyboard and type some catty responses to further the dialogue. Eventually a door will open.

Hop off the desk and through this new door. Inside, the back wall is covered in computers, and there are four power sockets below. You need to find four power units and plug them in. The first is on the desk in the middle of the room. There's another atop the bookshelf on the left-hand wall. To reach the third unit, push the big switch on the right to move a monitor across to the left, letting you reach it. The last one is at the bottom of this moving monitor.

Once they're all plugged in, a secret door will open to the left. Go through and jump on the head of the robot at the back, then onto the tank and to the shelving. Walk towards the camera and knock the box down to the floor. Press Triangle to pick up the drone, walk back to the other room, and insert it in the station.

After a cutscene in which you meet B-12, follow him and grab the keys. Next, follow him to another station where you'll put on a harness. You'll walk around clumsily for a few seconds, which most cat owners will recognise. After the game teaches you how to access the inventory, head out into the main part of the flat and to the left, then unlock the door.

Use B-12's flashlight to illuminate the next room. There's a door locked by a keycode. In the right-hand room, you can find the code hidden behind a paint can. Go to the door and enter the code: 3748.

Next, use the bucket zipline. On the other side you'll see a cutscene and dialogue. After this, you'll get a B-12 Memory, the first collectible in the game. Carry on to the right and jump across the railings and ledges until you reach another bucket zipline. Use it, but watch out for Zurks. Just run through and up onto a pipe to get through a narrow gap.

Stray: The Flat Collectibles

If you're still trying to find collectibles in The Flat, here's where to find them all:

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