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Rooftops is the fifth chapter in Stray, in which you must reach the top of a tower and install the Transceiver. It follows on from The Slums. You'll explore a new area and clamber across the city, which is infested with those pesky Zurks. As part of our Stray guide, we have a full walkthrough of Rooftops, explaining how to get through the chapter. If you're looking for collectibles in Rooftops, see our guide: Stray: All Collectibles Locations.

Stray: Rooftops Walkthrough

Here's our full Stray Rooftops walkthrough.

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Immediately in front of you is a bucket zipline. Once across, jump up and you will see Zurks across the way. With no means of defending yourself, your best bet is to lure them away from where you need to go. Don't forget to run by holding R2. You can also meow to attract their attention. Get across and jump up to the next rooftop.

Jump over to the right to see more Zurks. You can cross the gap using the girder, though they can still jump at you. Jump up the A/C unit to the next roof. Jump up the pipe and vents to reach a higher ledge, where you'll find a B-12 Memory. Turn around and jump to the metal post, which will swing around. Jump onto the metal awning, then back onto the post to reach the opposite rooftop.

Next, walk on the inside of the barrel so you can reach another metal post. Jump to the girder and across to the next building. Head right and cross using another girder. Once on the next rooftop, you'll see some Zurks behind a fence. Hack the door to let them through, then cross the gap on the left-hand side.

Walk inside another barrel so you can reach some scaffolding. Continue climbing up and onto a crane. Walk along the crane and drop to the building. On the right is a board you can push over to climb onto the scaffolding. Head inside through the vent.

Climb up and cross over the fence using the board on the left as a bridge. There are Zurks in the next section, you want to get over to the far right corner onto the scaffolding. Avoid the enemies and use the scaffolding to get around the corner. There are more Zurks ahead — again, avoid them and run to the right, where you can reach more scaffolding and continue your ascent.

The next floor has Zurks fenced in to the left, but straight ahead is another B-12 Memory. Let the Zurks out by hacking the door. Lead them away, then run through the gate and close yourself in. Now you need to roll the barrel out of this area, so hack the door open again and walk the barrel out of the gate, being careful of Zurks. Jump from the barrel to the girder and climb up.

Dodge yet more Zurks, clamber up some scaffolding, and use another girder to cross to the next floor. Up here on the right is a switch — push it to call down an elevator. While it comes down, you will have to dodge Zurks for a while. Eventually, when the elevator arrives, jump up to the side and drop in. Press the button and wait until you reach the top.

The doors don't open, so climb out over the top and onto the roof. Approach the antenna and use the Transceiver, which will trigger a cutscene. You'll get one more B-12 Memory when it's done. Use the bucket to reach the next chapter.

Stray: Rooftops Collectibles

If you're still hunting down collectibles in Rooftops, here's where to find them all:

Did you enjoy Rooftops in Stray? Next up is our walkthrough of the sixth chapter, The Slums Part 2. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and check out our Stray guide for lots more.