Stray Does the Cat Die Guide PS5 PS4

Does the cat die in Stray? If you're a pet owner, or are sensitive to animal deaths in media, you might be wondering whether Stray on PS5 and PS4 is going to do the unthinkable. Seeing animals die in movies and shows is always sad, but when they're creatures you've grown to love during the runtime, the blow is that much bigger. Stray is all about a domestic cat, so it's understandable if you're concerned for its safety. As part of our Stray guide, we're going to reveal whether or not the cat survives the adventure.

Note: Obviously, spoilers for Stray below.

Stray: Does the Cat Die?

This game is all about the ginger cat you play as throughout the game, but even though it's the player character, that doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. If you're weighing up whether to play Stray, one factor might be if the cat lives to tell the tale. So, does the cat die in Stray?

We're happy to report that the cat does not die. There are moments in the game where you can die — in fact, there's a Trophy named No More Lives you can get for dying nine times — but these are obviously not permanent deaths. In terms of the main story, the cat lives, and makes it to the end pretty much unscathed. Put those worries aside, the cat survives!

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