Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough - Raccoon City Walkthrough 1

In part one of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough for PS5 and PS4, we'll be Leaving Jill Valentine's Flat, Finding The Rooftop Parking Lot and Meeting Carlos for the first time.

Shall we get started?

Leaving Jill Valentine's Flat

After watching the opening movie, we wake up from our slumber as classic Resident Evil character Jill Valentine. You may be caught off-guard by the first-person perspective, but it won't be sticking around for long. Jill's flat opens the game, but you can't interact with anything yet. Therefore, head for the bathroom, the room with the light on, and interact with the faucet.

It turns out that was just a nightmare! We awaken once again the same room. However, this time around you have the chance to interact with certain things in the flat. Once you're done doing that, head to the bathroom once again and turn the light on.

Following another short cutscene, the phone will begin to ring. It's by the bed so go and answer it. Brad Vickers tells us we need to leave the flat immediately, but before he is done talking, Nemesis makes its grand entrance.

Once you regain control of Jill, head towards the exit. Jump out of the window in the next room, head down the fire escape, and back into the room below you. It's all very linear so you shouldn't have any trouble working out where to go next.

After another cutscene, you'll repeat the process and eventually find your way to street level. That is after running away from Nemesis one more time, of course.

Brad Vickers will guide you along the way

Getting Out of Town

Once you're on street level, head towards the brightly lit Liquor Store where you'll meet up with Brad Vickers. Follow him towards the Cinema and then take a left to be confronted by the first zombie horde of the game.

They will quickly break down the metal barriers so take an immediate left and follow Brad into Bar Jack. It's here where we leave the fan-favourite character behind, so follow the back alley around and make sure to pick the Handgun up off the dead body in front of you.

A zombie will appear behind you, and you're prompted to shoot it. We don't recommend you do, however, so save your shots and head the way you were originally running as more undead will quickly appear.

Crawl under the sign, head through the gate to the left of the school bus, and through the white door up the stairs. Here, you'll encounter a certain character that we won't spoil.

Once you're done interacting with him, head through the yellow exit door, making sure to pick up the Handgun Ammo (see also: All Ammo Crafting Combinations) on the barrel as you go.

Dario Rosso has a fun story to tell Jill

Getting to the Rooftop Parking Lot

Once you're back outside, crawl under the broken fence and head towards the elevator in front of you inside the car park.

Press the button to call the lift, at which point two zombies will appear. Quickly turn back slightly and dodge them by heading to your left and then pressing the button on the elevator once more to trigger a cutscene.

We've made it to the roof in one piece and there's a helicopter here to save us. The game's over, right? Wrong. Nemesis appears once again to ruin Jill's day, at which point you'll need to complete a couple of quick-time events.

Press the X button three times to get the engine running before pressing and then holding R2 to drive the car straight into the pesky Tyrant.

Jill must escape the subway station

Meeting Carlos For The First Time

Jill will now meet up with Carlos for the first time, so follow him through the subway until you come across a train car containing his crew members.

Getting Above Ground

The next objective your presented with is very self-explanatory. Simply head up the flights of stairs back to street level and you'll come across the game's first save room.

That brings us to the end of part one of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough, to continue from here you need part two: Restore Substation Power, Bring the Trains Online in the Subway Office, Lure Nemesis Away