Carlos in Resident Evil 3 remake

Where do you find the vaccine in Resident Evil 3? Where to find the Tape Player? We'll find out in part seven of our Resident Evil 3 remake walkthrough for PS4 along with Where to Find The Hospital ID Card.

How To Find The Vaccine

With Jill out of action, for the time being, we once again find ourselves in the shoes of Carlos as he searches for a vaccine within the Spencer Memorial Hospital.

In the save room area you start off in, grab the Assault Rifle Ammo from the table in front of you and make a save if needs be.

Out in the main entrance, you'll find more Assault Rifle Ammo and a First Aid Spray, which after having picked up, leads you with no other option but to head down the corridor.

Where To Find The Tape Player

The reception ahead of you contains three zombies that need eliminating, so do so and head through the door leading to your objective.

Carlos must make his way through the hospital

From here, take a right and follow the corridor around to another room with a green light hanging over it. Head inside and pick up the Tape Player off the gigantic desk.

We need to find a recording of Dr. Bard's voice, so let's head further into the hospital. The room ahead contains another four members of the undead to dispose of as well as a Red Herb and Assault Rifle Ammo. Grab them and run into the next area (see also: All Herb Combinations and Their Effects).

Take the stairs to your right, head out onto the roof, and then come back in on the other side of a pile of rubbish through the white double doors.

Next, you have two options. Head down the left-hand corridor to find a save room containing Handgun Ammo, Assault Rifle Ammo, and a Green Herb.

After exiting and continuing down this particular corridor, you'll come across a Hospital Map and the Staff Room.

There's nothing to actually see in here besides Assault Rifle Ammo so we'll return here later once we can unlock the door.

Make sure you search all rooms for ammo and items

Head back to the Roof area and go down the other corridor we skipped on.

Ahead of you is the Nurses' Station which contains some useful supplies and a lot of zombies to deal with. Once they're disposed of, head inside the Sickroom and you'll find Assault Rifle Ammo, a Hand Grenade, and a Green Herb.

There's nothing else for us to see here, so head back to the main set of corridors and turn left. Jump out of the first broken window you see with yellow tape on it.

Before hopping over the fence once you're down there, grab the Tactical Grip from the plant pot immediately to your right (see also: All Gun Upgrade Locations).

Now that you can jump over the fence, do so and pick up the Green Herb and the Key. Upon examining it, the Key tells us it unlocks something in the employee locker room.

Hospital ID Card Location

Therefore, go back upstairs to the Staff Room and unlock the door leading to the room we couldn't access previously.

In here, you'll find a Hospital ID Card and a Flash Grenade. With that in our inventory, we can now enter the Treatment Room leading off the Nurses' Station so go back there and trigger some welcome progress.

On your way there, however, you'll have your first run-in with a Hunter. Aim for the head and they should go down after roughly two magazines worth of Assault Rifle bullets.

That brings us to the end of part seven of our Resident Evil 3 remake walkthrough, to continue from here you need part eight: Audio-cassette Tape Location, Give Jill The Vaccine Sample, Head to the Underground Facility