Where do you find the Audio-cassette Tape in Resident Evil 3? Where do you find the Vaccine Sample? We'll find out in part eight of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough for PS4 along with How to get to the Underground Facility.

Audio-cassette Tape Location

Use the Hospital ID Card on the machine locking your path to the Linen Room and push forward. You'll pass by a room containing two more Hunters, and unfortunately, that's where we need to go.

First, however, is the Linen Room. Two zombies lie in wait here so deal with them before grabbing the Assault Rifle Ammo and Red Herb (see also: All Herb Combinations and Their Effects).

Once you're ready to enter the Treatment Room, we strongly recommend you equip a Frag Grenade to deal with one of the two Hunters immediately. You'll have to simply shoot the other one to death, but at least your reward for doing so is more Assault Rifle Ammo and an Audio-cassette Tape.

Tyrell looking Push Square on his computer

Combine this with the Tape Player and you now have the key to getting through the door requiring Mr. Bard's voice in order to be opened. Therefore, let's head back there right away.

Make sure to stop off at the Operating Room on your way back, however, to make use of the Hospital ID Card once more.

In here, you'll find a Green Herb, Handgun Ammo, two lots of Assault Rifle Ammo, two Flash Grenades, and even two Frag Grenades.

What a score! Use the Tape Player on the audio scanner and enter the newly unlocked room. Inside to your left is Handgun Ammo and Assault Rifle Ammo, and to your right is what is going to trigger a bit of progression. Head on over to the computer and you'll trigger a cutscene.

Afterwards, head into the next room and grab the Vaccine Sample.

The hospital is full of zombies for you to take down

Give the Vaccine Sample to Jill

Now that we have the vaccine, we can cure Jill. Head back to her as quickly as possible in the Makeshift Sickroom, where you'll need to interact with her and choose the Vaccine Sample from your inventory.

After the cutscene plays, you've got quite the fight on your hands.

Defend Jill From The Horde Of Zombies

A whole horde of zombies are attacking the hospital main entrance, and you're the only thing stopping them from getting to Jill.

As such, it's your job to kill them all. Stock up on as much ammo as possible before leaving the save room, and when you're ready, press forward into the reception area.

The zombies will come in from the windows in all directions, so try and take as many out before they flood the area. Simply keep on killing them and eventually the double doors which had been previously locked will burst open thanks to a Hunter after the lights go out.

Jill and Carlos, sitting in a tree...

Once you've killed it, quickly enter and turn the light back on while making sure to grab the Hip Pouch, Green Herb, Flash Grenades, and Frag Grenades (see also: All Hip Pouch Locations).

After enough time has passed, the shutters on the windows will come down but force all the zombies into breaking down the front entrance doors.

At this point, grab the Detonator by a nearby pillar and set it to explode alongside the C4. At this point, you'll just have to wait another 30 seconds for it to detonate.

Head to the Underground Facility

Jill has recovered and we once again find ourselves in her shoes. We need to head to the Underground Facility, which is actually very close to the sickroom she was held up in.

However, you might not want to head there just yet. You must have spotted numerous yellow padlocks throughout the Hospital as you explored its rooms, so head back into the Makeshift Sickroom and grab the Lock Pick from the item box.

Along with a few other creatures for you to tackle

The white chest on the ground floor next to the Courtyard contains MAG Ammo, the locker in the Emergency Entrance has Explosive Rounds, and the Linen Room will give you, even more, MAG Ammo.

If you want to actually get your hands on the MAG in question, exit the room via the way you came and slide under the debris next to the door leading to the Nurses' Station.

Drop down into the Courtyard and the .44 AE Lightning Hawk will be in a white briefcase to your immediate left.

Once you're ready to leave, open the yellow padlocked door in the Reception area on the ground floor and head down to the Underground Facility.

Follow the path through to a gigantic elevator that'll take you underground. Use the lift you come across in the next area to head up to the Office, which acts as a save room and completes the Hospital section of the game.

That brings us to the end of part eight of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough, to continue from here you need part nine: Restore Elevator Power, Fuse, Flash Drive, Culture Sample Locations, Vaccine Base Temperature Solution