How do you open Leon’s desk in Resident Evil 2? Located in the West Office on 1F of the Raccoon Police Department, this is likely one of the first puzzles you’ll encounter in RE2. There are two padlocks on the table, and you’ll happen upon a cryptic clue named Rookie’s First Assignment. This note tells you that in order to open Leon’s desk, you’ll need to learn the names of your colleagues.

Effectively what you need to do is look at the name labels on each adjacent desk and use the first name of each cop to unlock the two padlocks. In this Resident Evil 2 guide, we're going to reveal how to open Leon's desk.

How Do You Open Leon's Desk in Resident Evil 2?

How to Open Leon's Desk Resident Evil 2 Guide 1

In order to open Leon’s desk in Resident Evil 2, you need to read the name tags and take the initials of each first name to get two codes which open the padlocks. If you’re looking at the desk, the solution for the left padlock is NED and the solution for the right padlock is MRG. Opening the desk as Leon will get you the High Capacity Mag for the Matilda Handgun, while Claire will receive the Speed Loader for the SLS 60 Handgun.

You can learn how to fully upgrade all of Leon’s guns in Resident Evil 2 and how to fully upgrade all of Claire’s guns in Resident Evil 2 through the respective links.

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