Can you kill Mr. X in Resident Evil 2? How do you stop the Tyrant from chasing you? There are points during Resident Evil 2’s campaign where you’ll be stalked by this top-hatted monstrosity, who’s also known as Mr. X. But you may be wondering how you can escape the Tyrant and when he’ll stop chasing you. In this Resident Evil 2 guide, we’re going to explain how to deal with the deadly antagonist, and what you should do to avoid him.

Can You Kill Mr. X in Resident Evil 2?

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Don’t waste your bullets shooting the Tyrant, because resources are limited and the best you can do is buy time. Inflicting enormous damage on Mr. X – with a grenade, for example – will stop him in his tracks and give you some time to escape, but he’ll soon be back on his feet thudding along the floorboards. He’s attracted to noise, so shooting zombies and getting into scuffles is the worst thing you can do when he’s chasing you. Instead, try to avoid any and all conflict, and you can learn more about that in our Resident Evil 2 tips and tricks guide.

How Do You Stop Mr. X from Chasing You in Resident Evil 2?

You can’t stop the Tyrant from chasing you in Resident Evil 2. There are sequences in the game where he’ll always be hot on your tail, so until you progress the story, you’re going to have to deal with him. Try to avoid loud conflict with the undead as he’s attracted to noise. Instead, just focus on completing your objectives and furthering the plot until Mr. X is removed from the equation. These can be tense moments, but as long as you plan out what you’re doing, remain relatively quiet, and keep moving, then you shouldn’t have too many issues at all. As mentioned above, you can temporarily disable the Tyrant by dealing lots of damage, but be very careful as you’re probably going to need those grenades and bullets you’ve been stashing later on.

What’s the Best Way to Avoid Mr. X in Resident Evil 2?

The Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 will track you down if you stay in one place for too long, so make sure you keep moving through the environment. Try not to engage in any combat encounters, as he’s attracted to noise and will find you quickly if you’re fighting the undead. If he does spot you, then don’t let him trap you in any corners or corridors. Instead, sprint past his punches, and quickly put some distance between yourself and Mr. X.

Have you found any other ways of dealing with Mr. X? Post them in the comments below and check out our Resident Evil 2 guide for more information.