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PS Stars, or PlayStation Stars, is a free loyalty program for PS5 and PS4 which enables you to earn PS Store credit, free games, and Digital Collectibles. If you're a PS Plus subscriber, then you'll earn additional Points based on each PS Store purchase you make.

In this PS Stars guide, we're going to explain all Campaigns and solutions and outline all Rewards and how to get them. Please note that, while our best efforts have been made to ensure this page is always accurate, PS Stars is an evolving program so some details may be subject to change. Additionally, there may be regional differences depending on where you live.

PS Stars Guide: All Campaigns and Solutions

In this part of our PS Stars guide, we're going to introduce all Campaigns and solutions. Campaigns are time-limited objectives that can be completed in return for rewards, often Points or Digital Collectibles. Tasks may take on a variety of different roles, including playing a specific game, using a particular feature, or even participating in a tournament.

Below we've included a list of all Campaigns and solutions currently available in PS Stars. Where applicable, you can click on the name of a particular campaign for more information on how to solve it:

Campaign Description Reward Expiration Date
Unwind with PlayStation A little treat for you? Check. A little treat for me? Check. A little treat for your furry friend? Double check. It's cosy game time. Come and relax with us by starting any of the cosy games below to get your collectible.

  • New Year, New Nest
19th February, 2024
February Monthly Picks Games we've been enjoying and think you will too. Buy any one of these handpicked gems for a points boost!

  • 50 Points
29th February, 2024
PS Plus Game Catalogue: Must-Play This Month Get into the Valentine's Day mood by snuggling up to any one of these lovely couch co-op games from the PS Plus Game Catalogue to get some points.

  • 50 Points
29th February, 2024
Role Player's Guild | The Adventurer Join us on a journey to explore the many facets of the ever-changing RPG genre, starting with The Adventurer. Play any of the adventure-centric RPGs below to get a mystical collectible.

  • Card I: The Adventurer
29th February, 2024
Your PlayStation Plus Monthly Games Await Another batch of awesome PlayStation Plus monthly games is yours for the redeeming. Play any one of these new additions to get some points!

  • 50 Points
4th March, 2024
PlayStation VR2 | Game Drop The PlayStation VR2 game library continues to grow, and these are some of the latest games to hit the virtual shelves. Buy any one of the games below to step into a new world and get some points.

  • 50 Points
13th March, 2024
Hard Game Club: Dark Souls Getting there is half the battle, but if you endure the approach, you'll just have to defeat a Lord of Death surrounded by skeletons. No problem! Earn the 'Defeat Gravelord Nito' Trophy to get your collectible.

  • January Balloon | Hard Game Club 2024
15th March, 2024
Vintage Lineage If you're yearning for the days of gorgeous pixel art, these games prove the aesthetic is alive and well. Check out the pixel perfection in any of these games to get a collectible!

  • Retro Lunch Box | First Edition
30th March, 2024
Hard Game Club Take Two | Devil May Cry 5 Put on your devilish dancing shoes and complete Devil May Cry 5 on Dante Must Die difficulty to earn the 'Dance with the Devil' Trophy and your very hard-earned collectible.

  • Tired Balloon | Hard Game Club 2024
2nd April, 2024
Brain Games Put your grey matter to the test with these gorgeous puzzle games. Play any of the brain teasers below to exercise your problem-solving skills and get a unique collectible as well!

  • Synaptic Feedback
3rd April, 2024
Narrative Adventure Game Club These narrative adventure games tell dark, mature tales with slick presentation. Play any one of these modern thrillers to get a shiny new digital collectible.

  • A Dark and Dusty Tome
10th April, 2024
Narrative Adventure Game Club Picks Discover some of the most compelling story-focused games with this ongoing series of recommendations. First up? Buy any of the modern thrillers below to get some points!
  • 50 Points
10th April, 2024
Game Night Delight Relive those magical memories of board game night by getting the family together and playing some video games based on classic board games! Buy any one of the games below to get some points and kick off game night right.

  • 50 Points
10th April, 2024
Foamstars Party Time It's time to let the foam fly! Grab some friends and help us celebrate the launch of Foamstars by earning all the Trophies below to get a fun digital collectible.

  • Earn the Smash the Star Trophy
  • Earn the Rubber Duck Party Trophy
  • Earn the Happy Bath Survival Trophy
  • SOA
30th April, 2024
EA Sports FC 24 | UEFA Champions League 2023-24 Write your own footballing story — win the UEFA Champions League tournament in EA Sports FC 24 and score a special Digital Collectible of the official final adidas match ball.

  • adidas UCL Pro Ball London 2024
31st May, 2024
Press Start | Destiny 2: Season of the Wish Make a wish, Guardian. Did you wish for a new season of Destiny 2? Wish granted! Celebrate your good fortune by diving into Destiny 2 to get a special collectible.

  • Queensfoil Censer
4th June, 2024

PS Stars Guide: Rewards

For this section of our PS Stars guide, we're going to focus on Rewards. As you continue to interact with Sony's loyalty scheme, you'll amass Points which can be exchanged for rewards. These rewards include PS Store credit, free games, and Digital Collectibles. You can earn Points by completing Campaigns and by purchasing games from the PS Store when you're a PS Plus member

PS Stars Guide: FAQs

For the final section of our PS Stars guide, we'll be answering any lingering questions you have about Sony's loyalty scheme. This includes topics such as how to join, how much it costs, and how to get Points.

That concludes our PS Stars guide for now, but we're committed to keeping this page up-to-date with all of the latest information on Sony's loyalty scheme. Feel free to check back regularly for updates on campaigns, digital collectibles, and rewards. And if you'd like to know anything else about the program, let us know in the comments section below.