MultiVersus Steven Universe All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 1

Steven Universe is one of the playable characters in MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games. Part human and part gem, this young hero is a positive force with otherworldly defensive powers. As part of our MultiVersus guide, we will be outlining all you need to know about Steven Universe in the game. We'll introduce all unlockables, perks, moves, and how to win.

MultiVersus: Steven Universe - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win

Below is everything you need to know about Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Steven Universe: Biography and Overview

Before we begin to learn about all unlockables, moves, and how to win with Steven Universe, we should get to know a little more about the character courtesy of hsi official biography and overview.

MultiVersus Steven Universe All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 2
Name First Appearance Character Class Voiced By
Steven Universe "Pilot" (2013) Support Daniel DiVenere

The Steven Universe cartoon series got started in 2013, and very quickly became a big hit with a wide audience. The titular character is the optimistic child of a human father and a gem mother, making him a unique hybrid with powers inherited from his parents. He can generate indestructible bubbles and shields, age up or down at will, and goes on dangerous missions with his fellow gem heroes, including Garnet. The show is popular due to its irreverent humour, positive messages, and exciting action, culminating with a movie in 2019.

Steven Universe: All Costumes and Unlockables

MultiVersus Steven Universe All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 3

Below, we've listed all the cosmetic items you can unlock related to Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Item Name Description Cost / How to Unlock
Pink Diamond Gem Profile Icon Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 25 (Free)
Wipe Gem Emote Taunt Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 29 (Premium)
Gem Bubbles Ringout VFX Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 34 (Premium)
Profile Icon
Reach Mastery Level 14

Steven Universe
Reach Mastery Level 15
Steven Universe
Announcer Pack
100 Gleamium
Coach Steven Variant
500 Gleamium
Steven's Lion
Ringout VFX
1200 Gleamium

Steven Universe: All Perks

MultiVersus Steven Universe All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 4

In this section of the guide, we're revealing a list of all Perks for Steven Universe. These can be unlocked with XP as part of Steven Universe Mastery track. Remember that unlocking a character's Perks will make it cheaper to purchase them as Train Perks on another character, with the exception of Signature Perks which are exclusive to the character they're unlocked for.

Offense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Collateral Damage
Your team deals 1 additional damage when knocked back enemies collide with a wall or floor
Reach Mastery Level 4
Ice to Beat You!
Your team's Projectiles deal 1 stack of Ice if they knock enemies back Reach Mastery Level 11
Up, Up, and A-Slay Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that knock back enemies upward Reach Mastery Level 13

Defense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Slippery Customer
Your team receives a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window
Reach Mastery Level 7
Absorb 'n' Go Your team receives a 7% ability cooldown refund after being knocked back by a Projectile Reach Mastery Level 12

Utility Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock

Triple Jump

Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in air
Reach Mastery Level 2

Signature Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock

Bounce Bubble

Enemies have their hitstun extended and velocity increased after getting knocked into Steven's wall or platform shields Reach Mastery Level 8

Green Thumb

Watermelon Steven grows larger and deals more damage the longer he is alive Reach Mastery Level 10

Steven Universe: All Moves and How to Win

MultiVersus Steven Universe All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 5

If you want to play as Steven Universe in MultiVersus, this section will go over his moves and offer some advice on how to use him effectively. Inputs shown are using default controls.


Move Name
Spiky Bubble

Charge a forward spiky bubble punch. Applies Rose's Gaze

Neutral Square

Bubble Barrage

A combo of bubble punches

Side Square

Spiky Uppercut

Charge a spiky bubble uppercut
Up Square


Charge a gem barrier that knocks away nearby enemies. Breaks Armor and destroys Projectiles
Down Square
Pop! Charge a gem explosion. Charging increases the size of the explosion Air Neutral Square
Steven projects a shield that reflects and bounces him back on hit
Air Side Square
Bubble Clap!

Steven does a bubble clap overhead

Air Up Square
Bubble Slam!
Steven does a bubble slam downward Air Down Square


Move Name
Bubble Boy!

Steven sends out a tether Projectile. After a few seconds, it hits enemies and applies Rose's Gaze. The tether can attach to allies. Knockback enemies with Rose's Gaze multiple times to put them in Bubbled, disabling them. Hit Bubbled allies to break them out of the bubble. Cooldown applies Neutral Triangle
Shield Wall Activated! Steven charges and fires a shield wall Projectile, blocking enemies. If the shied passes an ally it will grant them brief Armor. On cooldown, Steven will do a forward dash kick Side Triangle
Shield Stepper

Steven holds his shield overhead and dashes upward, leaving a platform behind for allies. Steven can only create 1 platform at a time Up Triangle
Watermelon Steven, Go!

Steven plants a watermelon, creating an area that will heal allies over time. The watermelon then explodes into a Watermelon Steven that will assist Steven's allies as a fighter. Cooldown applies Down Triangle
X-Treme Moves! Steven dives down, surfing on his shield. He bounces up if he hits an enemy while in the air. allowing him to combo into a dive kick. After landing, he slides on the ground Air Down Triangle

Passive Abilities

Unbreakable Bonds: When Steven dodges he creates a bubble around himself and his ally that acts as Armor. The bubble can absorb 3 hits, but its durability is shared between Steven and his ally. Steven's bubble has collision that will stop enemies from moving through it.

How to Win as Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a Support class character, but he's more than capable as a brawler once you get used to him. He has a lot of useful melee attacks that can combo into each other fairly well, but it's his Specials that will make the real difference.

His Down Special sees him place down a healing area for you and your teammate. It will also spawn a mini Steven that will fight on your side. This extra character is easy to knock out, but it's worth having them around to disrupt your opponents.

Steven's Neutral Special sends out a tether Projectile. This will latch onto your teammate, or if no one's close by, will be cast out ahead of you. After a couple of seconds, any enemies caught between you and the Projectile will take damage. You can use this to cover a lot of ground space, and it's hard to dodge. This move, as well as some others, will build an effect called Rose's Gaze. Once you have 10 stacks of this on an enemy, they will be Bubbled, which disables them completely for a short while. You can't deal any damage to them in this state, but it lets you focus on the other opponent in a brief 2v1 scenario.

As you might expect, Steven's shields are pretty key. The Side Special can be charged for a long time, and will send out a vertical shield that you can use to control an area or block enemies off. The Up Special deals damage but also sets a horizontal shield in the air which can be used as a platform. You can also bounce enemies off these shields, leading to some serious juggle potential if you know what you're doing.

So, that's everything there is to know about Steven Universe in MultiVersus. Do you enjoy playing as the gem/human hero in MultiVersus? Share your own tips and advice in the comments section below, and check out our MultiVersus guide for much more. And, for more on other MultiVersus characters, refer to the following pages: