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What are the best Perks to use in MultiVersus? Before every battle in MultiVersus, you're asked which Perks you want to place on your chosen character. These passive stat buffs can form an integral part of your strategy, especially when you consider how they stack with your teammate if you're playing 2 vs. 2. There are a lot of Perks in MultiVersus, though, and deciding what will work best can be a bit tricky. As part of our MultiVersus guide, we're going to outline what we think are the best Perks in the game, explain why, and tell you which characters they suit best.

It's worth noting that, as there are so many Perks to choose from in MultiVersus, our suggestions below are our personal recommendations rather than definitive choices. You may find that some Perks work better for you than those we've highlighted — it sort of depends on your playstyle, which characters you use, and who your teammate is. Remember, if you visit The Lab in the game, you can try out every Perk on any character to find your favourites.

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MultiVersus: Best Perks

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 2

On this page, we've highlighted what we think are the best Perks in the game. We've split them up into their respective categories: Offense, Defense, and Utility. For each Perk, we explain why they're useful and which characters benefit from them the most.

MultiVersus: Best Offense Perks

These are some of the best Offense Perks in MultiVersus.

Hit 'Em While They're Down

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Offense Perks Hit Em While They're Down

Description: Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting debuffed enemies.

On Stacked: 10% increased damage if your ally also selects this perk.

Nearly every character in MultiVersus has some way of applying a debuff to opponents. There are many of them in the game to be aware of, and you'll see them in action in basically every match. For this reason, Hit 'Em While They're Down is a worthwhile Perk. Either you or your ally will almost certainly have a way to apply a debuff, and once an opponent is affected in some way, you'll have a 5% damage increase (10% if stacked). In the chaos of a battle, you are likely to have your enemies debuffed at times, so this is like a temporary boost that will come and go throughout a match.

Best For: Most characters can inflict a debuff — Batman, Taz, Superman, Harley Quinn, the list goes on — so use this Perk if either you or your teammate will be dishing out moves with these extra effects.

Lumpy Space Punch

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Offense Perks Lumpy Space Punch

Description: Your team deals 5% increased damage with melee attacks in the air.

On Stacked: 10% increased damage if your ally also selects this perk.

This Perk basically gives your air attacks more punch. It's very similar to Wildcat Brawler, which offers the same damage bonus while on the ground. However, the reason we think Lumpy Space Punch is better is because you can already dish out a lot of pain on the ground, but hitting opponents in the air is more difficult. With this Perk equipped, those mid-air strikes will count for more. It's also in your interest to get better at air combat, because many attacks will launch enemies into the air where you can juggle them or try to launch them. This Perk just makes those hits land harder.

Best For: All characters benefit from this Perk, but we'd say nimble characters with good air attacks feel it the most; Wonder Woman, Shaggy, and Bugs Bunny, for instance.

Snowball Effect

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Offense Perks Snowball Effect

Description: Your team deals 7% increased damage against the fighter with the highest damage.

On Stacked: 15% increased damage if your ally also selects this perk.

Snowball Effect is a great Perk because it gives you a straight damage increase against the opposing player with the most damage. This sounds a bit redundant at first, but it's easy to build a strategy around this in 2 vs. 2; if you and your teammate concentrate on one opponent at a time, you'll be 7% stronger — 15% if you both select the Perk — and can get ringouts that much faster. A similar Perk is Wildcat Brawler, which gives your team an overall 5% increase in damage when fighting on the ground, but Snowball Effect gives you more output, as long as you focus on one enemy.

Best For: All characters benefit from this Perk, but it has a more noticeable effect on hard hitters like Iron Giant, Superman, or Finn.

MultiVersus: Best Defense Perks

Below are some of our favourite Defense Perks in MultiVersus.

Absorb 'n' Go

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Defense Perks Absorb n Go

Description: Your team receives a 7% ability cooldown refund after being knocked back by a projectile.

On Stacked: 15% refund if your ally also selects this perk.

A lot of characters in MultiVersus can launch some form of projectile, particularly fighters like Velma and Tom & Jerry. A good Perk to take into battle is one that actively takes advantage of these incoming attacks. Absorb 'n' Go reduces your cooldown meters by 7% (15% stacked) if you're knocked back by a projectile, which is likely to happen during a fight. What this means is you'll get to reuse your strongest abilities more often. Some cooldowns are quite long, so this definitely comes in handy.

Best For: Characters with abilities that have a long cooldown timer. Bugs Bunny, Wonder Woman, and Reindog are good examples.

Slippery Customer

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Defense Perks Slippery Customer

Description: Your team receives a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window.

On Stacked: 15% longer window if your ally also selects this perk.

Dodging is as integral to fights in MultiVersus as anything else, and is your main way to defend yourself from incoming attacks. With this Perk, you're basically making dodging that little bit easier to successfully pull off. The number of frames during a dodge in which you're invulnerable (i-frames) is increased by 10% (15% if stacked), which doesn't sound like much but could definitely save your skin in a pinch.

Best For: All characters will feel the benefits of Slippery Customer. However, slower characters like Iron Giant or Superman may want to consider this one.

'Toon Elasticity

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Defense Perks Toon Elasticity

Description: Your team receives a 20% reduction to ground and wall bounce velocity.

On Stacked: 25% reduction if your ally also selects this perk.

This is a really good all-round Perk that will help you and your teammate survive a little longer. When you are knocked back into a wall or the ground, you'll bounce off, and this can be deadly if you're at a high damage count. Bouncing can be unpredictable if you're not ready, and this Perk basically reduces how fast you travel when bounced. This can be a life saver, particularly on maps with surrounding walls like Cromulons or Scooby's Haunted Mansion.

Best For: This is good for all characters, but it works best for lightweight fighters like Arya Stark, Batman, or Harley Quinn.

MultiVersus: Best Utility Perks

Here are a few of the best Utility Perks in MultiVersus.


MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Utility Perks Coffeezilla

Description: Your team receives 10% reduced ability cooldown duration.

On Stacked: 15% reduction if your ally also selects this perk.

This is a great Perk that's useful in basically all situations. Most characters have certain attacks that activate a cooldown timer when used, which stops you from spamming your best abilities. Coffeezilla makes those cooldown timers shorter by 10% (15% stacked), which gives you a slight edge when it comes to getting out your strongest plays. If a move has a 20-second cooldown, why not reduce it to 18 seconds? It doesn't sound like much, but MultiVersus moves fast!

Best For: All characters, but especially those with longer cooldowns such as Bugs Bunny, Reindog, or Velma.

Tasmanian Trigonometry

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Utility Perks Tasmanian Trigonometry

Description: Your team receives 15% increased base knockback influence.

On Stacked: 25% base increase if your ally also selects this perk.

Knockback influence is the ability to manipulate your own launch angle when you're hit with knockback. Basically, you can slightly affect your trajectory when launched by holding the left stick in certain directions, which can make a real difference to how you move. This Perk gives you 15% more control, or 25% if your ally also chooses it. That's a fairly large percentage, and it means you may be able to cheat death where those without this Perk equipped couldn't.

Best For: Lightweight fighters like Arya Stark, Harley Quinn, Batman, and Tom & Jerry.

Triple Jump

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Utility Perks Triple Jump

Description: Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in air.

On Stacked: Always have an extra jump if your ally also selects this perk.

In MultiVersus, you have a lot of manoeuvrability in the air, but sometimes you need a little something extra, either to reach an opponent or to recover from being launched. Triple Jump does what it says on the tin, giving you an extra jump — if you hit an enemy in the air. This Perk becomes far more useful if stacked, because you'll have a third jump at all times, which is again very good for recovery or for reaching enemies to take another swing.

Best For: All characters, but particularly those with weaker recovery options. For example, Garnet or LeBron James.

MultiVersus: Equipping Ally Perks

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Ally Perks
Your ally's perks are in the highlighted sections to the right of your character's unlocked Perks.

Once you reach Mastery Level 6 with a character, you will unlock the ability for that character to equip your ally's Perks. What this means is you can use Perks in a match that your teammate has, even if you haven't unlocked them yourself. This is useful because it allows you to stack Perks with your ally to benefit both of you in the next match.

You can increase a character's Mastery Level by completing matches with that character and earning XP.

MultiVersus: Perk Training

When you reach Mastery Level 9 with a character, you will unlock Perk Training for that character. Perk Training allows you to unlock any Perks you want for a character, rather than sticking with the ones they gain naturally.

To train a Perk, visit the Collection and select your fighter, then hit Train Perks. On the next screen, you can see every Perk in the game. Highlight a Perk you want your character to learn, select it and press Square to train the Perk. This costs a small amount of Coins — 100 if you've previously unlocked the Perk with another character, or 150 if you haven't.

Perk Training is worth looking into if you want to get serious about min-maxing your character and ensuring you have access to more options before a fight.

MultiVersus: Signature Perks

MultiVersus Best Perks Guide PS5 PS4 Signature Perks

Signature Perks are powerful Perks that are specific to each character in MultiVersus. All fighters have two or three Signature Perks that unlock in their Mastery Level. These are strong passive abilities that may slightly alter a character's playstyle or enhance their abilities in some way.

You should make sure you unlock your favourite character's Signature Perks, as they will give you a leg up during battles. They unlock at Mastery Levels 8 and 10, and if a character has a third Signature Perk, Level 12.

Those are what we think are the best Perks in MultiVersus. Which Perks are your favourites in WB Games' free-to-play brawler? Give us all your best advice in the comments section below, and check out our MultiVersus guide for lots more info.