Horizon Zero Dawn All Vantages Found PS4 PlayStation 4 1

What are all Vantage Datapoints locations in Horizon Zero Dawn? Vantages are another of the game's collectibles, though they don't pertain to physical objects on this occasion. Instead they are lookout points within the open world that can be scanned for audio files and also a glitched image of the Old World. As part of our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we're going to disclose all Vantage Datapoints locations, which will contribute towards the All Vantages Found Trophy.

Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Find All Vantage Datapoints

As with every collectible in Horizon Zero Dawn, you can purchase a map to mark all Vantage Datapoints on your map. Just head to any Merchant upon completion of the game's prologue and scroll down to their Special Items inventory. You'll find a Vantages Map which will add the rough radiuses of every Vantage to your map. You're looking for high positions that look out on interesting architecture like ruined buildings. Usually there'll be handholds in the area for you to climb up. Look for a purple icon in the world and press R3 to log the Vantage.

Interestingly, Vantage aren't auto-saved when you find them, so make sure that you save at a bonfire after discovering a Vantage to ensure your progress gets logged.

Horizon Zero Dawn: All Vantage Datapoints Locations

All Vantage Datapoint locations in Horizon Zero Dawn are outlined in the above video, created by Powerpyx. We've included timestamps for all of the Vantage Datapoints below.

Number Name Timestamp
1 Air Combat Academy
2 Colorado Springs 0:31
3 Explorer Museum 1:40
4 Bridal Veil Falls 2:04
5 Sterling Malkeet Amphitheatre 2:32
6 Denver Stadium 2:55
7 Monument Valley 4:11
8 Eagle Canyon 5:11
9 Lake Powell 6:01
10 Bryce Orbital 6:41
11 Faro Automated Solutions 7:28
12 King’s Peak 8:03

Did you find all Vantage Datapoints locations in Horizon Zero Dawn? Refer to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, and let us know in the comments section below.