Horizon Zero Dawn Banuk Figures Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

What are all Banuk Figures locations in Horizon Zero Dawn? There are just six of Arnak's figures hidden around the open world, and the surrounding area is usually well decorated so they are relatively easy to spot. If you do happen to get stuck, though, as part of our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we're going to help you locate all Banuk Figures locations so that you can unlock the All Banuk Figures Found Trophy.

Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Find All Banuk Figures

Much like the other collectibles in Horizon Zero Dawn, you can purchase a map to mark all Banuk Figures on your map. All you need to do is visit any post-prologue Merchant and browse their Special Items inventory. You'll find a Banuk Figures Map upon their person which can be bought for a few shards. This will mark the location of each figure on your map, though it'll only provide you with a general radius of where to search. Look out for marked or painted rocks and you'll know you're in the right area; Arnak's figures are little straw animals that you can pick up.

Horizon Zero Dawn: All Banuk Figures Locations

All Banuk Figure locations in Horizon Zero Dawn are outlined in the above video, created by Powerpyx. We've included timestamps for all of the Banuk Figures below.

Number Name Timestamp
1 My Claim
2 I Name You 1:19
3 Punishment 2:37
4 Mother 3:41
5 The Vision 4:18
6 I Cannot Confess 5:35

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