Horizon Forbidden West How to Enable Motion Controls PS5 PS4 Guide 1

How do you enable motion controls in Horizon Forbidden West? How do you use gyro aiming? Using gyro controls to aim your shots can give you a little more precision than just using the thumb sticks. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to tell you how to turn on motion controls.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Enable Motion Controls

Aloy's bow and arrow shots can be aimed perfectly well with just the right analog stick, but if you're looking for a tad more finesse, you might want to consider motion controls. The DualSense PS5 controller and DualShock 4 PS4 controller both have built-in gyro sensors that can detect how and where you're moving the pad. You can use this to gain a little more control with your aiming.

Fortunately, you can toggle gyro aiming on and off with ease. Pause the game, and select the Settings menu. Next, tab over to Controls by pressing R1. Under this heading, scroll down until you see an option named Motion Aiming. It's off by default, but you can toggle it on by pressing right on the D-pad.

Once you turn the feature on, you will be able to aim Aloy's projectile attacks by simply moving your controller. It's intuitive and natural to do so, and again, it gives you that extra bit of agency over where your shots are heading.

From the Settings menu, you can adjust motion control settings such as sensitivity and whether the Y-axis is inverted. You can toggle motion aiming on and off at any time, so it's worth trying the feature out and seeing what you prefer.

Have you been making use of motion controls in Horizon Forbidden West? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our Horizon Forbidden West guide for lots more info.