Horizon Forbidden West How to Breathe Underwater Longer Guide PS5 PS4

How do you breathe underwater for longer in Horizon Forbidden West? How do you get the Diving Mask? Why can't you stay underwater? A new feature of Horizon Forbidden West lets you explore beneath the waves, but you can't stay down there for very long at first. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain how you can breathe underwater for longer.

Horizon Forbidden West: How to Breathe Underwater for Longer

When you first start playing Horizon Forbidden West, you're quickly shown that Aloy can swim underwater. However, you won't be able to stay below the surface for very long, because an oxygen meter quickly depletes, forcing you to come up for air after a few seconds.

Why can't you stay underwater for longer? Well, it's because you won't be able to breathe underwater until further into the game. If you want to explore underwater properly, you will need the Diving Mask.

How to Get the Diving Mask and Breathe Underwater for Longer

Aloy will get the Diving Mask, a permanent upgrade that lets her stay underwater indefinitely, during the main story. To unlock the Diving Mask, you will need to play through the Main Quest, The Sea of Sands. During the course of this mission, Aloy will build the Diving Mask, and from then on, you can stay underwater for as long as you like.

With the Diving Mask, you no longer need to resurface for air, because the oxygen meter is gone and the mask allows Aloy to breathe underwater.

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