Looking for how to start San Andreas Mercenaries in GTA Online? This Contact Mission chain sees you contacted by hot-shot mercenary Charlie Reed as part of a new storyline involving Merryweather named Project Overthrow. On this page, as part of our GTA Online guide, we're going to explain how to start San Andreas Mercenaries.

GTA Online: How to Start San Andreas Mercenaries

GTA Online: How to Start San Andreas Mercenaries 1
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San Andreas Mercenaries will begin once you've updated GTA Online to the latest version and arrived in Los Santos. Regardless of where you are or what you're doing, you'll be contacted by Charlie Reed who'll tell you about a new private military group he's established named the Los Santos Angels.

Upon receiving the phone call, you'll need to purchase a Mammoth Avenger from Warstock Cache & Carry, so use your smartphone to visit the in-game website; you can find a link to it under the Travel and Transport tab on the Eyefind.info homepage. You'll need to ensure the Operations Terminal is installed in order to start San Andreas Mercenaries, which costs GTA$1,450,000. If you've already got a Mammoth Avenger then don't worry: you can renovate it from the same in-game website. It should be noted that you'll no longer need a Hangar to store the Mammoth Avenger.

Once you own a Mammoth Avenger, hold down the touchpad to bring up the Interaction Menu and select Services > Avenger > Request Avenger. You'll see its icon appear on your minimap so set a waypoint to it and locate it. Climb in the hold by entering the back of the Mammoth Avenger and your Operations Terminal will be located against the right wall. You'll need to register as a CEO or MC President to interact with it, but once you're done you'll be able to tackle Project Overthrow or LSA Operations. You can also launch the latter by calling Charlie Reed at any time.

There are six main Project Overthrow missions which comprise the main San Andreas Mercenaries campaign. All of these can be tackled solo or with up to three other friends.

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