Looking for how to mute players in GTA Online? Voice chat is essential if you're playing Heists in GTA Online, as you'll need to collaborate with your teammates to stand any chance of passing the multifaceted missions. Sometimes, however, you don't want to hear what other players have to say. As part of our GTA Online guide, we're going to explain how to mute players.

GTA Online: How to Mute Players

GTA Online: How to Mute Players Guide 1
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There are two ways to mute players in GTA Online. The first option is to hold down the touchpad to bring up the Interaction Menu. From here, you can set your Voice Chat setting for Freemode. The toggles are as follows: Everyone, Crew, Friends, Crew + Friends, and No One.

GTA Online: How to Mute Players Guide 2
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If you want a little more control over who you mute, then push the Options button and browse to Online > Players. From here you'll get a list of everyone in your Lobby. Simply find the account you want to mute and select Toggle Mute. You can also Report and Commend players from this screen. If you're facing more serious problems, then you can find out How to Play Solo and Avoid Griefers through the link.

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