Looking for how to equip body armor in GTA Online? Body armor is an essential item if you're hoping to survive the harsh streets of Los Santos. Bulletproof vests will protect you from gunfire, thus invaluably extending your lifespan. On this page, as part of our GTA Online guide, we're going to explain how to equip body armor.

GTA Online: How to Equip Body Armor

GTA Online: How to Equip Body Armor 1
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In order to equip body armor, you'll first need to have some in your inventory. Body armor can be purchased from any Ammu-Nation store, although many of the game's businesses also stock body armor. For example, you can purchase body armor from the Requisitions Officer in the Agency. You'll also be given the opportunity to purchase and equip body armor in the lobby before most Jobs or Heists.

Once you've purchased some body armor, you can equip it by holding down the touchpad to bring up the Interaction Menu and then selecting Inventory > Body Armor. From this same menu, you can also choose whether you want to display it on your character or not. Alternatively, a quicker way to equip body armor during combat is to hold the L1 button to bring up the weapon wheel and then click in the right analogue stick with R3.

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