God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Wulvers 1

Wulvers are tough, aggressive foes — just as they were in the first game. Their attacks are often relentless and they have a high amount of health.

With Wulvers, you've just got to be patient. All of their attacks — except the red-ringed unblockables — can be parried, which is the best way to build up stun against them and deal some big damage. The timing can take some getting used to — and you should just block their normal attacks if you're not confident — but once you've got it down, Wulvers aren't too much of a problem.

Once they're low on health, Wulvers will transform into an even more aggressive form, which has an even longer string of slashes. When this happens, parries are again your best friend, although the timing does change when compared to a Wulver's normal combo.

You also need to be aware of a lunging unblockable attack that Wulvers like to pull after they've jumped to a safer distance. It's easily dodged if you see it coming, so be sure to keep Wulvers in your line of sight.

Wulvers can be frustrating to fight just because of how aggressive they are, but try to be as patient as possible and you should come out on top.

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