God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Stalkers 1

Stalkers are centaurs (half human, half horse) that attack using a bow. They're strong and fast adversaries with a suite of ranged attacks. As such, they should be treated as minibosses.

Stalkers require a careful approach in order to bring them down efficiently. Being aware of their arsenal is key: when they back off, they're preparing a barrage of arrows, which will need to be blocked, parried, or dodged until you can get in close again.

In close quarters, Stalkers will usually try to gallop away, but can also rear up onto their hind legs before kicking or stomping with their front. All of their leg attacks can be parried to generate a lot of stun, but they do come out fast, so you'll have to be on your toes.

One thing to note is that Stalkers can actually kick with their hind legs as well, so try not to get caught directly behind one. Even though it can be parried, this attack is incredibly quick and very hard to see coming.

Oh, and some Stalkers have horns that glow when they're at a distance. If you can hit the horns with a ranged attack, it'll knock the Stalker down for a few seconds, opening them up to big damage.

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