God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Soul Eaters 1

Soul Eaters are tough enemies that fight from range by shooting beams of energy and elemental missiles. In close quarters, they unleash powerful unblockable attacks, all but forcing you to take them on at a distance.

Eaters are only vulnerable when their chest cavity opens up following — or during — a projectile attack. When this happens, you'll need to hurl your axe into the core, which builds the Eater's stun bar by a large amount. Do this two or three times, and the Eater will leave itself fully vulnerable. Get in close and perform a unique takedown to deal big damage to its chunky health bar.

If anything, fighting Eaters is a lesson is patience. You'll be forced into a position where you need to endure its ranged attacks, only able to strike back when the core is visible. Fortunately, its energy beam can be blocked, and its missiles are easy enough to dodge.

It's also worth noting that some missiles can actually be picked off the ground, as long as you're not hit by them. You can then fling these energised shards at the core to deal even more stun.

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