God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Light Elf Slayers 1

Light Elf Slayers are rare, elite enemies that make use of two swords. They're fast and powerful, forcing Kratos to defend before he's able to find an opening and strike back.

Slayers require patience and a careful approach. They can attack from range by hurling their two swords as a spinning projectile, but this can be parried with relative ease once you see it coming.

Their most common attack sees them glide forward and unleash a standard combo, which can be blocked. However, it's usually followed up with a powerful unblockable attack, so you'll need to be ready to dodge roll away from danger.

Meanwhile, a shield smash should be enough to knock them out of their crossed-sword guard — don't try to attack them when they're defending, or they'll retaliate with a swift and deadly counterattack.

Lastly, Slayers will try to heal themselves when they're low on health. A shield smash will break them out of it, but you need to be quick.

Slayers are always dangerous opponents, so it really is a case of waiting for the right openings before unleashing your assault. Getting used to the required parry timing for most of their attacks might take some practice, but there's certainly no shame in dying once or twice to these warriors.

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