God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Ice Nightmares 1

Ice Nightmares are essentially just stronger Nightmares, with the ability to apply freeze to Kratos if their projectile attacks hit. As such, the same tactics apply.

They were a pain in the arse in the first game, and they're a pain in the arse here. These levitating eyeballs attack with projectiles from a distance, and taking them down quickly should always be a priority.

Fortunately, Nightmares have low health, so a solid axe throw, or a barrage of arrows from Atreus, should be enough to kill them outright. Another effective strategy is to use the blades' projectile attacks. Grappling Nightmares towards you can result in an instant kill, in which Kratos grabs the critter and throws it away, resulting in an explosion.

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