God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Hel-Vikens 1

Hel-Vikens are slow but strong undead warriors, wielding large two-handed weapons. They can have high health values, and often throw out unblockable attacks.

Hel-Vikens only pose a direct threat if they can actually hit you. Their attacks are slow and lumbering, and thus easy to dodge, but if you do get caught in a combo, attempting parries can be risky. Get the timing right, and you'll open them up to attacks of your own. Get it wrong, and your guard will be broken, leading to some heavy damage.

Patience is key here, then. Hel-Vikens are also difficulty to stun, but it is possible with a flurry of barehanded blows. Try to dodge around to the side and the back of these brutes when possible, giving you ample time to strike.

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