God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Flame Gradungrs 1

Flame Gradungrs are large, four-legged beasts that mostly attack using their horns or front claws. They can be very aggressive at times, also utilising flames to strike from a middle distance.

Your axe is your best bet here. If the Flame Gradungr has fire protection (its life bar is covered by an orange pattern), then the best way to break through is with strong, ice-infused axe attacks. Once that's out of the way, the fight can begin proper.

Staying on guard is key against a Gradungr. They certainly look intimidating, but their attacks are quite easy to read if you concentrate, and so parrying becomes a great way to open them up to combos and runic blows.

When Flame Gradugrs show a red ring, signalling an unblockable attack, they're about to shoot a powerful stream of flames through the ground in your direction. Rolling out of the way is easy enough, but you need to watch out for it if you're up against multiple opponents.

Stunning Gradugrs might be the best way to deal big damage, or finish them off completely. Parries are the fastest way to achieve this, but you'll have to be mindful the aforementioned unblockable, and a charging attack that has the beast strike multiple times in quick succession with its horns.

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