God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Fierce Ogres 1

Fierce Ogres are hulking enemies that attack by flailing their large arms and slamming the ground. They have a lot of health, but if they're stunned, Kratos can climb on an Ogre's back and use it as a battering ram for a short time.

Kratos killed plenty of these monsters in the first game, and although they're much rarer in Ragnarok, they still require some strategy to take down efficiently. The biggest problem here is their high health value, which makes each fight against an Ogre a drawn-out process.

Hit and run tactics are effective. Get in, do big damage, get out. Don't stay close to an Ogre for too long, or it'll just swing its big arms and knock you aside. If you're feeling confident, however, these blows can be parried to build additional stun.

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