God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Dark Elf Warriors 1

Dark Elf Warriors are flying foes that use spears to attack. Returning players may remember them as the standard Dark Elf enemies from the first game, and they're almost identical here.

Because they can fly, it can be difficult to pin a Dark Elf Warrior down. Unless you can dish out a big damage combo as soon as you're on top of one, chances are that they'll simply flutter away as you start your next offensive.

The best way to deal with these Warriors is to have Atreus try and lock them in place with his arrows — or you can attempt to whack them with an accurate axe throw. As soon as they're closer to the ground, get in there and hit them as hard as possible.

As for your own defence, most of a Warriors' attacks can be blocked, although they do have a sweeping strike that needs to be parried — and they can unleash it from some distance away. As always, concentration is key.

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