God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Dark Elf Lords 1

Dark Elf Lords are a dangerous kind of elite Dark Elves. They use a large spear in battle, and hate staying in one place for more than a moment.

Dark Elf Lords can be frustrating to fight. If you give them too much room, they'll almost always fly away to a safer position and start pinning you in place with explosive projectiles. As such, it's usually best to try and stay on top of them, and force them into melee combat.

Their standard combo, which consists of several spear sweeps, can be blocked or parried — but watch out for their lunging spear dive, as it's unblockable. Again, though, a melee engagement with these brutes is better than being stuck at a distance, avoiding unblockable explosions.

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Of course, Dark Elf Lords also have a lot of health, so it really is a matter of being patient — especially if they're accompanied by other elves.

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