Looking for how to beat Crimson the Dread in God of War Ragnarok? Crimson the Dread is one of the game's optional Boss Fights you'll encounter during the For Vanaheim Favour. On this page, as part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we'll include some tips and tricks on how to beat Crimson the Dread. For more information on the foes you'll face in Ragnarok, refer to our all enemies index.

God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Crimson the Dread

God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Crimson the Dread 1
Image: Push Square

Crimson the Dread is a fire-breathing dragon. I can move quickly when it wants to, and it can take to the skies in order to rain flames down on Kratos.

When you're up close, Crimson will usually try to take chunks out of you with its bite. These chomps can be blocked or parried, with the latter will staggering the beast and opening it up to full combos.

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There's nothing much to worry about when you're right in the dragon's face, but you do have to watch out for when the beast rears up and starts spewing fire directly onto the ground. This attack has a large area of effect, so when you see Crimson lifting its head, start either sprinting out of the way, or dodge rolling around the dragon's side.

If you position yourself properly here, you can actually start attacking without fear of retaliation. Crimson won't be able to strike back when he's breathing fire. It's a bit risky, but you can pile up a lot of extra damage once you've got the hang of this strategy.

Anyway, it's when Crimson starts flying that you have to keep it in your sights. When it's in the air, try hurling your axe or some spears at it, and you can force the beast back to the ground. It's vulnerable after taking flight, so again, it's an opportunity to deal good damage.

The last thing to watch out for with Crimson is its habit of charging headfirst at you. This charge is unblockable, but it is fairly easy to avoid, as the creature's forward run is so linear. It is a large monster, though, so you still need to make sure that you're fully out of range. If it does hit you, it's going to hurt.

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