God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Bergsras 1

Bergsras are bulky, troublesome beasts with high health pools. They attack with their large arms and a series of belches that result in clouds of deadly gas.

Bergsras can be a pain to fight because of those burps. The burps themselves can be blocked, but they'll keep you locked in place if you don't move to one side first. The best strategy is to dodge around the Bergsra as it belches, ensuring that its gas is evenly dispersed around the immediate area. Once you've done that, either move in to attack, or reposition.

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You need to be careful, though, because those gas clouds can actually be ignited through another of the creature's attacks. When a Bergsra rips its arms across the ground, it generates sparks that cause the gas to explode, dealing a good chunk of damage and breaking your guard.

As such, you need to be mindful of where the gas actually is during all times. Beyond that, just try to stay mobile. Bergsras are slow outside of a specific attack that sees them rush forward into an unblockable attack, but it's easily dodged.

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