How tall is Thor in God of War Ragnarok? There are some big boys in Ragnarok, including protagonist Kratos and his ally Tyr. But they're all ultimately dwarfed by the God of Thunder himself, Thor. But just how tall is Thor? As part of of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to answer that very question.

God of War Ragnarok: How Tall Is Thor?

God of War Ragnarok: How Tall Is Thor? 1
Image: Push Square

There's a moment early on in God of War Ragnarok, where the camera perspective switches to show the humongous size of Thor in comparison to Kratos. This gives us our first real indication of the size of the God of Thunder. But while Kratos is very tall in Ragnarok, it's important to note that he's not really as big as you think he is. He's actually 6'4", or approximately 193cm, which is big but not enormous.

Kratos was listed as a whopping 8' (244cm) in God of War III, but developer Santa Monica Studio reduced the size of the character model for 2018's God of War. So, how tall is Thor? Well, voice actor Ryan Hurst described him as "seven foot something tall" during a Comic Con panel earlier in the year. Judging by the size comparison with Kratos, we can safely assume he's a full foot taller at least, suggesting he's around 7'4" or 224cm at minimum. When you factor in Thor's overall build as well, he's clearly a giant of a man.

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