Chapter 13 - Where Angels Fear to Tread is the thirteenth Main Chapter in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and tasks the party with tracking down the Shinra helicopter holding the Keystone. As part of our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide, we're going to provide a comprehensive Chapter 13 Walkthrough, which will detail everything you need to know about Where Angels Fear to Tread.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Chapter 13 Walkthrough - Where Angels Fear to Tread

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Chapter 13 Walkthrough 1

The opening of Chapter 13 sees Vincent successfully track the whereabouts of the Shinra helicopter, and leaves you to make your way there. You can control the Tiny Bronco and navigate it to the destination, heading north out at sea. A cutscene reveals Shinra makes it to Northwood first, then Cloud and co arrive not too long after.

Dock and head into the forest and you'll soon reach the temple yourself. Head inside and defeat all the soldiers that have set up shop. You can then head up the main staircase and enter the Temple of the Ancients. A cutscene featuring Rufus places some doubt in the main party, but then it's back to Cloud and co as they traverse the Union Room, which leads to the Labyrinth.

Some confusing imagery teases what's ahead, then it's back to the action, with a line of Robed Men leading the way to moving gates and enemies. When you reach a dead end with a green, floating prism at the centre, interact with it and you'll be able to shift the direction of gravity. Continue along the ceiling until you take a right at seemingly hit a dead end. There's some greenery you can climb on the right to reach the next ledge.

You'll then need to flip gravity again to return to the floor, where you'll reach the Corridor of Vacuity. The linear path will direct you to another gravity-shifting prism, which allows you to go on the ceiling as well as the wall. This time around, you'll want to select the wall on the right so you can climb the foliage up to a new area.

Defeat the enemies and move the giant cube with a sphere in the middle so it's next to the greenery hanging down from the floor above. This allows access to the waterfall that the soldiers demonstrate is transporting them somewhere new. At the bottom, follow the path to discover two gravity-changing prisms: one yellow and the second purple. The yellow prism leads to an optional area containing an EXP Up Materia, so grab that and then head for the purple prism. Turn gravity here towards the ceiling and you'll be able to progress. Defeat the large group of enemies, then use the Rest Stop and Shops to prepare for what's to come.

You must fight the Red Dragon in the next room on the ceiling. Begin by targeting its head to easily pressure the boss, then build up the stagger meter. When it hits reach roughly one-third of health, it'll take to the skies and start flying. Switch to a ranged character at this point like Barret and target either the left or right wing to bring it back down to the ground. Once it's down, continue down the path to an elevator that'll take you down into a new area. In the cutscene, Aerith, Yuffie, and Red XIII become cut off from the rest of the group.

The path for Cloud, Tifa, and Barret is a linear one, so little direction is needed other than to take the Járngreipr from the purple chest and when the staircase collapses, use the foliage to reach the other side and shimmy along the outside wall. When you reach the tunnel with green airwaves coming in from the side, wait for them to weaken and disappear temporarily before you cross. You'll sustain damage otherwise. When you reach the last one (which never disappears), double back to the previous one and wait for the path to be clear, then rush left and push the giant cube in the final beam's path to block it. Now you can go back and safely cross.

After a few sequences and combat encounters, Rude and Reno will turn up, but instead of a boss fight, they trigger an explosion inside the temple. At this point, the game cuts to Aerith's perspective, who's awoken from the spell she was casting when the party was separated. In the next room, Aerith will learn how to harness the Lifestream and improve the blessings she has at the start of battles. You need to find more fragments to improve this feature throughout the temple. The first one is the slab on the other side of the pool.

To progress in the next main area, complete a battle to charge up your Lifestream, then interact with the fragment on the left-hand side to create a new path to go down. In the next area below, Pray where you can to charge up the Lifestream meter, then use it on the slab on both the left and right sides to reveal a third interaction prompt. Charge up the Lifestream meter again using the green orbs on the right-hand side, then use it on the third fragment just revealed to you. Having done so, the team decides to take a rest and the game switches back to Cloud, Barret, and Tifa.

Aerith's actions reveal a new path for them, but first, they'll need to clear the area of enemies. This leads you to the Corridor of Catastrophe, with the game tasking you with knocking debris down to create a path across the gap. You need to push the big cube in the area off the end where the green airwaves are, then you can cross. When you spot the soldiers talking about an advance team, go inside the building to pick up the Battle Cry for Barret, then go up the next flight of stairs.

For this next area, you'll once again need to drop some debris into the green airwaves, so head to the top and use the circular lever to raise the monument. An Ironclad enemy will then spawn, teasing who you could use it to knock the monument down. Stagger the enemy and it'll automatically fall into the structure and knock it down. You can now push the huge cube on this level down. You can now use the toppled monument to cross the gap.

Use the Rest Stop and Shops you'll soon come to next, then you'll spot Rude and Reno fighting enemies on your left. You need to team up with them to defeat the monsters, then you'll need to take them both down in a boss encounter. In the cutscene, you'll return to Aerith's perspective as she stops resting and presses on. Leave the Order's Altar via the doors to get back outside, where you must gather more spiritual energy to interact with the fragment. You can get it by smashing the green crystals in the area, including the indoors but you've just left. You must now defeat the enemies at the bases of the red lasers in this zone. Once both lasers have been turned green, return to the original position in the centre and channel the Lifestream once more.

Take the new path you've created to bump into Elena and Tseng and eliminate them in another boss fight. In the cutscene following your successful bout, the party will be fully reunited. You have access to all the characters once more, so press on even further into the temple and use the elevator to reach the Hall of Resurrection. After Sephiroth attacks Tseng, approach him. Then, you can interact with the pedestal. It turns out all the party members bar Cloud must face a trial, and Aerith leads the way. Follow the red laser to her corresponding door and enter.

To begin, inspect the statue. Red XIII is up first, who must scamper along the cave walls and then enter the lab where he was created by Hojo. It's the turn of Tifa next, who's taken back to Nibelheim and sees herself as a young girl. Follow her up the water tower and the scene will change to the night Sephiroth destroyed the town. Follow the young Cloud and then her dad into the reactor to find his dead body. Yuffie then takes over for her trial, who needs to climb the scaffolding and interact with the glowing shurikens. Drop down onto the platform when you can, then use the Grappling Hook to swing across to the control room.

It's then the turn of Barret, who's got his right arm back and is back home. Approach Myrna doing the washing until she disappears and Barret's lost his right arm again — search for her next. You'll be back to playing as Aerith for the final trial, which takes her back to Midgar as a child. Look at the butterflies and interact with them, then walk away from the rail station and ask for help. This brings the trials to an end, and the game cuts back to the Hall of Resurrection as it reveals a new path.

When you take back control of Cloud, enter the newly opened passage to find the Corridor of Effigies, and he'll have his own trial to face. Taken back to the Mako reactor he destroyed in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you'll encounter the body of Biggs, then it cuts to much later in the game to Jessie's death. Back in the real world, continue down the corridor and into the Spiral of Rebirth, which eventually gives way to the Mural Chamber on a linear path for a cutscene with The Cetra and further dialogue as you continue down the passage, with a few enemy encounters breaking things up.

A boss fight against the Demon Gate is up next, which eventually becomes two once you get the first down to half health. Cloud will throw a bit of a tantrum after the fight and reveal the path forward, so pick things up as Aerith and follow him to the Black Materia. The temple begins crumbling all around the party, and Caith Sith comes to the rescue. Vincent will lead you to an exit and out of the temple, which will just disappear at the end of it.

Actual, real-life Sephiroth will then turn up and steal the Black Materia, eventually culminating in Cloud having to approach the villain and trying to give him the orb back. When Aerith grabs hold of it, chase after her until she reaches the end of the branch. The next cutscene brings Chapter 13 - Where Angels Fear to Tread to a close.

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