Chapter 12 - A Golden Key is the twelfth Main Chapter in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and starts as the party is making its way back to the Gold Saucer by sea. As part of our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide, we're going to provide a comprehensive Chapter 12 Walkthrough, which will detail everything you need to know about A Golden Key.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Chapter 12 Walkthrough - A Golden Key

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Chapter 12 Walkthrough 1

Having turned his aeroplane into a boat, Cid will hand you the controls for the trip back to Costa del Sol. When you get there, dock the boat and fast travel to The Gold Saucer to continue the main story. You need to look for Dio when you get there, and your party members will provide information on his whereabouts. You can find him in Battle Square, where Aerith will escort you to see him. You'll need to compete in the Musclehead Colosseum to win the Keystone, so to prepare for the big competition tomorrow, rest up at The Haunted Hotel in Ghost Square.

The game then cuts to Zack, who's still caring for the other Cloud and Aerith. Take the wash bowl up to their room for a cutscene with Marlene, and then a second outside with Elmyra out in the garden. Leave Aerith's House once you regain control and interact with the bike.

Having read the note, the action cuts back to Cloud in the Gold Saucer, who hears a knock at his bedroom door. At this point in the game, you go on a date with the character you've developed the closest bond with throughout the campaign. We were personally paired with Aerith, so the walkthrough will follow their date.

Go to the Event Square to watch a play called Loveless. Afterwards, you'll play a sort of interactive VR play as Cloud, or Alphreid. You can choose to face either Barret or Red XIII for Act 1, which plays out across a series of quick-time events. In Act 2, you'll go up against the opponent you didn't pick previously. Act 3 is the hardest one of the lot, with both VR villains combining for one big finale. A musical number from Aerith then rounds out this very special sequence.

After the performance, you and your date will go on the Skywheel in Skywheel Square. After that, the game skips to the next day for the competition. As the game explains, your party for the fights ahead consist of Cloud, the person you dated the night before, and one more member of your choosing. Climb the steps and approach the registration area when you're ready.

You'll fight three rounds of standard enemies, and then it's time for Don Corneo himself, who takes the arena riding Abzu. After the competition, Dio will go to give you the Keystone, only for Elena and Rude to rush in and steal it with the help of Cait Sith. You'll have a chance to use a Rest Stop and browse the Shops before going up against the Shinra duo in a bout. Having defeated them both, Shinra president Rufus appears for a fight of his own against Cloud alone. This is quite a unique fight, in that Rufus takes very little to be staggered, but the problem is getting those hits to land in the first place. You'll need to pick your chances as he reloads his weapon, then go in for the kill.

When he reaches half health, his dog Darkstar will try to come to his rescue. You'll need to temporarily focus your efforts on downing it, then turning back to Rufus. A Summon works really well in this encounter, so make sure to call one in once the meter has charged. You'll switch to pursuing Caith Sith after the fight, who's in the Gift & Tickets area. Search the plushies collection to the left of the checkout to spot him, and interact with the Triangle button. He'll then run off to the exit so give chase.

When you reach the main area, talk to Barret and Cait Sith will run upstairs behind you. Vincent will then send you back downstairs, and you'll find Cait Sith hidden behind one of the Moogles sitting on the bench. Head into the Utilidor to give chase some more, only for him to complete his betrayal and hand the Keystone to Shinra. The party decides to follow the Shinra helicopter, which you'll need the Tiny Bronco for. Fast travel back to Costa del Sol via the red helicopter icon, then get on the Tiny Bronco to complete Chapter 12 - A Golden Key.

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