Usher to the Underworld, Thanatos, is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

Usher to the Underworld, Thanatos

Rank A

Location: Titan's Wake, Dhalmekia - this battle will begin when you walk past the large Fallen ruins in Titan's Wake, on the northern path

Reward: 45 renown, 17,000 gil

Combat Tips:

  • Thanatos is a much more destructive golem-type enemy which likes to summon three huge laser beams in a row
  • The mark's laser beams can be tricky to dodge because of how quickly Thanatos can turn and redirect the blast. Your best bet is to try and get behind the beast whenever these beams begin, but that can be difficult unless you're already close
  • If you want to try and precision dodge the beams, try dodging towards them so that Clive slips through the blast and out of the other side. This is safer than using your dodges to move in the same direction as the beam, as you can get blasted once the dodge animation ends
  • Later in the fight, Thanatos will coat the arena in blue energy sigils. This phase lasts a long time, with the mark using other attacks while you try to avoid the explosions. When this happens, try to focus on defence and dodging, and then resume your attack when the sigils finally dissipate

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