The Wailing Banshee, Gizamaluk, is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

The Wailing Banshee, Gizamaluk

Rank A

Location: Garnick, Waloed - this battle begins automatically when you enter Garnick village, but only once the mark is posted to the Hunt Board

Reward: 45 renown, 9,700 gil

Combat Tips:

  • An elemental harpy, Gizamaluk is a fast opponent that has a habit of coating the battlefield in explosive wind magic
  • Dodging and weaving through her wind magic is crucial here, as getting hit by one spell will open you up to additional attacks, both from other wind spells and Gizamaluk herself
  • Gizamaluk's physical moves are made up of quick combos, which usually come in threes. They're easy enough to dodge because they don't really have much delay, so just try and go with the flow of the fight if you can
  • This mark's strongest attack comes when she's on low HP. She'll start laying down some wind sigils, and then when you're trying to get around them, she'll charge you at high speed. During this phase, you need to try and keep an eye on her at all times, and be ready for the swoop

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