The Ten of Clubs is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

The Ten of Clubs

Rank B

Location: Vamare, Dhalmekia - in the ruins of the village

Reward: 20 renown, 9,200 gil

Combat Tips:

  • The Ten of Clubs is slow like every other axe-wielding heavy solider, but he has a long reach and deals huge damage should his blows connect
  • His unique attacks include an earth-based magic that's easy to avoid, but the pattern of the spell becomes more random when his HP gets low
  • Execution is his most powerful move, a series of four chops that can be hard to dodge consistently because of the varied timing. If you're going to avoid any of them, make sure it's the last. After the first three swings, the brute will take a small jump back and then fly in with an all-powerful strike. The delay can make this hard to properly read, so be sure to hit dodge as soon as he's about to hit, and not just before
  • As with any slow opponent, there's ample time to use Ekonic attacks to deal good damage throughout the battle, when he's still recovering from his swings

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