The Pack are one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

The Pack

Rank C

Location: South of Tabor, Dhalmekia - found in a dead end in The Gilded Path, just south of the village of Tabor

Reward: 10 renown, 5,800 gil

Combat Tips:

  • An easier hunt at this point in the game, The Pack don't deal much damage individually but they can combo their attacks together if Clive gets surrounded
  • Eikonic attacks that impact a wide area are recommended here, as you'll often be able to knock the beasts down and open them up to finishers
  • The Pack's most dangerous technique sees all surviving members dive at Clive one after another. These lunges can be deceptively difficult to properly dodge as the timing can vary, or you can simply block the attacks with Titan's blocking ability

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