The Nine of Knives is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

The Nine of Knives

Rank A

Location: The Jaw, Dhalmekia - can't miss this mark, he's standing right in the middle of the road in The Jaw

Combat Tips:

  • The Nine of Knives is fast and rarely leaves himself open for very long, so this is a fight best played defensively
  • His ranged attacks — poison breath and smokescreen — are easily avoided, but be careful that you're not leaving yourself vulnerable after dodging them, as the assassin can quickly follow up with additional moves
  • His long melee combo isn't hard to dodge — and you can get multiple precision dodges out of it if you get the timing down — but if you do get clipped, you'll eat every attack that follows
  • Perhaps The Nine of Knive's trickiest technique is a fast, curved, spinning leap that he can perform at a distance. This approaches Clive a lot quicker than you might expect, so you have to be ready with a dodge at all times

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