The Masterless Marauder, Behemoth King is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

The Masterless Marauder, Behemoth King

Rank S

Location: ??? - in the fields just southwest of the Vidargraes obelisk in Waloed

Reward: 55 renown, 20,000 gil

Combat Tips:

  • This is a brutal fight thanks to the fact that the Behemoth King uses magic spells that blanket the battlefield
  • Its physical attacks are what you'll have already encountered when fighting other Behemoth enemies, so your tactics won't change much here. Just be wary of its shoulder-based charge following on from its magic spells
  • Behemoth King's comet magic is extremely destructive, even when compared to other Behemoth foes. These comets can come in fours simultaneously, meaning that you'll have to get your precision dodges exactly right in order to avoid all four shockwaves. Jumping can help here as well, as can Shiva's dodge ability
  • Watch out for Maelstrom, which sees the beast summon a huge tornado. The tornado itself isn't a huge problem since you can just run from it, but the Behemoth King will also summon electric sigils, and it can charge through the tornado while it's still active, obscuring itself from your view. There's little you can do here but stay on your toes
  • Apocalypse is the Behemoth King's trump card. It's a magical combination that takes up a huge chunk of the battlefield, starting with not one, but two comet rains, and ending with a massive meteor drop. That last part will likely kill Clive outright if you don't get away from the blast radius in time, so try to stay as mobile as possible.
  • Once the beast has finished casting Apocalypse, it'll be left open to attacks

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