The Blood Moon, Terminus, is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

The Blood Moon, Terminus

Rank A

Location: The Crock, Sanbreque - sitting right in the middle of The Crock, you can't miss it. However, if you're hunting the Bomb King as part of its associated side quest, you'll need to beat that first, leave the area, and then return before this mark shows up

Reward: 35 renown, 9,800 gil

Combat Tips:

  • This mark's a powerful Fallen orb, and it boasts more attacks than the boss from the main story
  • The first thing you have to watch out for is its clamping melee attack, where Terminus' two halves slam together in an attempt to catch Clive inside. This attack always comes in threes, so you need to be ready to dodge all of them
  • After shooting its electric magic, Terminus can charge straight at Clive. This attack has a deceptively long delay to it, and it's very easy to dodge too early and then get hit by the incredibly quick slam
  • When it starts using its laser beams, it's best to keep moving in one direction, circling the orb itself and then dodging the beams if they get too close

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