Severian is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.


Rank B

Location: North of Sorrowise, Rosaria - in the northern part of Sorrowise, near some Fallen ruins

Reward: 20 renown, 8,500 gil

Combat Tips:

  • Severian is a more powerful version of the Fallen constructs you'll have fought before, boasting increased damage and farther-reaching attacks
  • This mark can hit like a truck, so it's best to try and play defensively until you're used to the dodge timing
  • Its most powerful attack is Annihilation, which consists of three phases: a spin that's relatively easy to dodge, a barrage of projectiles that slowly track your movement, and finally, an almighty thrust that's designed to catch you out while you're busy avoiding the projectiles. You'll need to position your dodges carefully
  • The thrust attack is easily the most dangerous aspect of Severian, as it's possible to be caught by the momentum of the attack even after a dodge. Make sure to dodge sideways and not forwards of backwards against this particular technique

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