Sekhret is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.


Rank B

Location: West of Rhiannon's Ride, Rosaria - despite the location description on the hunt board, Sekhret is actually just north of Martha's Rest, in a clearing that's quite far west of Rhiannon's Ride

Reward: 20 renown, 8,200 gil

Combat Tips:

  • Sekhret is a relatively straightforward monster to fight, as he doesn't use any magic
  • His charging attack is like any other Minotaur's, except he'll do it twice in a row, so don't get caught out
  • Sekhret does hit very hard if his attacks connect, but he's slow overall and you can afford to be aggressive when you're used to the timing of his blows
  • When he has less than half health, Sekhret will start using a powerful combo attack, which can stun Clive into taking multiple blows. The best way to deal with these relentless swings is to simply keep your distance, but if you're taken by surprise up close, be sure to time your dodges just as Sekhret is swinging

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