Ruin Reawakened, Svarog, is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

Ruin Reawakened, Svarog

Rank S

Location: ??? - at the end of Mornebrume in Sanbreque (it's highly recommended that you leave this battle until near the end of the game, as Svarog is level 50)

Reward: 60 renown, 30,000 gil

Combat Tips:

  • Easily one of the hardest hunts, if not the hardest. Svarog is a colossal dragon that uses all kinds of powerful fire magic, often in combination to create a battlefield that can be incredibly difficult to navigate without getting hit
  • Defeating Svarog requires a lot of patience, as its huge HP pool will always make this a long fight
  • Svarog is capable of dealing massive damage with its strongest attacks, potentially killing Clive outright if your HP isn't topped up enough. Try not to let your health drop below 1,500 HP or so
  • Svarog will begin the battle with a technique called Red Legion, which summons rows of giant fireballs that slowly move across the area. The idea here is that the fireballs will stop you from moving freely, so that the dragon can blast you with its fire lasers and ground-based eruptions
  • Svarog's most damaging attack is its flaming charge, which is usually saved for the end of its spell casting sessions. You need to dodge this thing, or you can kiss goodbye to around half of your HP, or even more if you're at a lower level
  • Shiva can be a huge help in this battle. Her dodge ability can let you bypass a lot of Svarog's trickiest fire traps, and it can also be an effective way of avoiding the aforementioned charge
  • The dragon's physical attacks are large and sweeping, but they're not too hard to precision dodge once you're used to the timing
  • One last note: you may want to save your game just before fighting Svarog. This is because losing the battle will send you back to the nearest obelisk, which is some distance away, and you'll have to run all the way back to the arena in order to rematch the beast. It's simply quicker to load your save if you want to try again

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