Muddy Murder, Flan Prince, is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

Muddy Murder, Flan Prince

Rank A

Location: Hawk's Cry Cliff, Rosaria - west of the village of Amber, at the bottom of Hawk's Cry Cliff (which is technically its northern point when looking at the map)

Reward: 30 renown, 12,000 gil

Combat Tips:

  • The Flan Prince has access to a wide range of elemental magic spells, each of which needs to be dodged in their own way
  • The fire, lightning, ice, and earth spells are easy enough to see coming and avoid as necessary, but the wind spell leaves tornados in its wake, which can limit your movement.
  • Essentially, Flan Prince will try to lock you down with magic before attacking with its own body, usually by leaping towards Clive. It's easily dodged, but only if you see it coming
  • In the second half of the fight, Prince Flan will start casting two spells simultaneously, which can lead to some very tricky combinations. When this happens, put some distance between you and the beast and concentrate solely on dodging, as staying near the monster just means that the spells need less time to travel
  • Although Flan Prince's physical attacks hit hard, they do leave him open to a combo or an Eikonic strike, so be sure to take full advantage if you do manage to dodge his leaps and slaps

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