Knight of the Splendent Heart is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

Knight of the Splendent Heart

Rank A

Location: The Penitent's Gate, Sanbreque - right outside the gate to the city, you can't miss him

Reward: 35 renown, 17,000 gil

Combat Tips:

  • The game's strongest dragoon, Knight of the Splendent Heart is a fast and dangerous opponent who boasts additional attacks compared to other dragoon enemies
  • His jump technique has two forms (the latter is wheeled out when he's low on HP), and both flood the battlefield with dragoon illusions that smash into the ground prior to Knight of the Splendent Heart's own final blow. The best way to deal with this is to keep running in one general direction, and only dodging when you feel like one of the mirages is about to connect. Of course, it's that final blow that you need to watch out for, so be ready for it, as there's a short delay before it eventually drops
  • One of this mark's tricks sees him perform two very fast charging thrusts, one after the other. They're easy to dodge, but only if you're ready for them. They usually come out straight after the aforementioned mirage dives

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