Final Fantasy 16: How to Get a Chocobo 1
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Looking for how to get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16? These big birds have been mascots of the Final Fantasy games for decades, and they make a return in Final Fantasy 16. And yes, Clive can ride one to get around faster. In this Final Fantasy 16 guide, we'll tell you how to get a Chocobo.

How to Get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

This may come as a surprise, but Clive doesn't get a Chocobo of his own during the main story of Final Fantasy 16. Instead, you'll need to complete a specific side quest in order to bag yourself a bird.

The side quest in question is called The White-Winged Wonder, and it becomes available quite a while into the game. The quest can be found at Martha's Rest, and has a special '+' icon, signifying that it grants a worthwhile reward.

In this case, the reward is a Chocobo that Clive can ride while out in more open areas. Once the side quest is completed, you can call the Chocobo by clicking and holding down R3 to call your bird. You can then mount the Chocobo by pressing X when standing next to it. Holding R2 makes the bird run or sprint forward, and L2 slows the creature down. Click and hold R3 again to dismount the beast.

Clive can't fight while riding his Chocobo, but you can easily outrun enemies at max sprinting speed. You can also pick up shining items without having to dismount.

Did you find this guide on how get a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16 helpful? Go for a ride, and be sure to check out our Final Fantasy 16 guide for more answers to frequently asked questions.