Grimalkin is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.


Rank C

Location: The Cattery, Dhalmekia - all the way down a dead end path that leads south out of The Sickle

Reward: 10 renown, 6,100 gil

Combat Tips:

  • This fight begins with several waves of wolf-type monsters. They're easy enough to deal with, but make sure you aren't surrounded and lose a chunk of your HP ahead of the real battle
  • The Grimalkin itself is your standard panther enemy, although it hits harder and has a tendency to make use of its Savage combo when it's under half HP
  • Overall, the Grimalkin shouldn't give you too much trouble — its standard attacks are simple to dodge — but you will have to watch out for the aforementioned Savage, which can deal big damage if all of the slashes connect

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