Dread Comet is one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in Final Fantasy 16.

Dread Comet

Rank A

Location: The Sickle, Dhalmekia - in the open area just off the main path, which connects down into The Fields of Corava

Reward: 30 renown, 13,000 gil

Combat Tips:

  • A deceptively dangerous opponent, Dread Comet's physical attacks are easy enough to deal with, but its gimmick is that it can summon meteors
  • Its meteors release shockwaves when they hit the ground, and you need to dodge through them. Simple enough at first, but as the fight goes on, Dread Comet will start dropping more and more of them, and the dodge patterns become more and more complex
  • Clive won't be able to survive too many of these shockwaves in a row, so it's really a test of concentration
  • You can break the meteor rain by damaging Dread Comet enough. Much like a regular chocobo, this mark does not have a stagger gauge, but it will temporarily become susceptible to combos when enough damage has been dealt. When you're dodging meteors, try hitting Dead Comet with projectile magic or projectile Eikonic attacks. Or, if you're feeling lucky, you can try closing the gap on the beast as the meteors continue and lay into it with your sword

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