Do you need to play previous Final Fantasy games in order to enjoy Final Fantasy 16? This is a question we see getting asked on a regular basis, and if you're not familiar with the long-running series, then we can understand why you might be asking it. After all, that's a 16 at the end of the name!

In this Final Fantasy 16 guide, we'll be answering whether you need to play previous Final Fantasy games before diving into the latest instalment.

Do You Need to Play Previous Final Fantasy Games Before Final Fantasy 16?

In short, no, you don't need to play previous Final Fantasy games in order to enjoy Final Fantasy 16. Every mainline Final Fantasy game — from 1 through to 16 — tells its own standalone story, with unique settings and characters. Despite the numbers, the main series does not tell a continuous tale.

You can absolutely play Final Fantasy 16 without any prior experience of the franchise. In fact, it's actually a really good place to start, as its completely action-based combat sets it apart from the turn-based and command-based systems of previous entries. Square Enix has even admitted that its push for action is partly fueled by the desire to attract new players.

Having said all that, Final Fantasy games do tend to have recurring elements, although these elements are usually quite minor, and have little bearing on the plot. For example, Chocobos, the large yellow birds that you can ride, appear in numerous Final Fantasy titles. So do Moogles — fluffy fairy-like creatures — and a bunch of different monsters also return throughout the series.

In Final Fantasy 16's case specifically, it places a heavy emphasis on the 'Eikons' — elemental demigods that play a major role in the story. Many of these Eikons are based on summons — super powerful magic attacks — from previous Final Fantasy games.

If you're already familiar with the franchise, it's obviously cool seeing these recurring references, but that's really the only benefit of having played the older games.

Of course, we'd highly recommend exploring the Final Fantasy series if you end up liking Final Fantasy 16. It's home to some of the most revered RPGs ever made, and you can check out our Best Final Fantasy Games list for much more information.

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